1.12.15 NCTM Resources

6_21_16 Global Math Dept The Pursuit of 100% Engagement

Below are resources from my session at the Minneapolis NCTM Regional on November 12, 2015 titled ‘A math picture is worth 1000 words.’  Let me know if anything is missing.  Tweet me at @saravdwerf or email me at sarav@mpls.k12.mn.us (be patient, I get a lot of email – but I will get to you).  I’d love any photos or visuals you have found useful.   Send them my way.

During the presentation I mentioned 2 books.  I highly recommend you read them.  Max Ray’s ‘Powerful Problem Solving‘ and Cathy Humphrey’s ‘Making Number Talks Matter‘.  I’d love to hear what you think of the books.  I hope you will start doing Number Talks soon.  I started using visual patterns from Fawn Nguyen’s site.  Love.

I am LOVING Desmos to create visuals.  Check out the Teacher Desmos site and/or animate your graphs at GIFsmos.  Love, love, love.

The first link below is my powerpoint.  It is HUGE.  (lots of pics).  On several slides there are links to other resources.

8_pictures_nctm_regional_nov 2015




Ramsey Mathematics Handbook_Final






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