sara vdwI am Sara Van Der Werf, a 24 year mathematics teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools.  I have taught math in grades 7-12 as well as spent several years leading mathematics at the district office.  I currently teach Advanced Algebra at South High School. My coworkers and I are modeling persistence this school year by trying to learn to ride a backwards bicycle in the hallways of our school.  I am also the current President of the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM).  I am passionate about encouraging and connecting with mathematics teachers.  If you stop by my school, be sure to ask to see the calculator museum I curate.  My favorite 5-minute professional development I would love all teachers to watch is one of Annie Fetter’s Ignite talks on Noticings and Wonderings.  Watch it today!  (re-watch it if you have not watched it for a while).  Enjoy and be well, my friend.

I’d love to connect via twitter.  Join the community.  Tweet me @saravdwerf.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you!! I came across your “number one thing I have done in my support class” and felt excited, with only 15 days left of school about next year. I think you are really on to something with forcing students to advocate for themselves outside the classroom. Love, Love, Love it. I am going to build a backwards bicycle this summer and learn to ride it in front of my students next year. What a great way to model the importance of failure and persistence.


  2. HI Sara. I teach with Jane Juten, and she mentioned that you are looking for presenters at the MCTM conference this spring. I would love to present, but need to know if SUB costs are covered. Thanks.



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