SWWC Conference Resources

Hey Southwest Minnesota Teachers!  I loved hanging out with you today!  Remember to follow through on my 24 hour challenge to you.  Get off the Escalator and Do Something!  I can’t wait to hear what new amazing things you learn, do and see.  If I missed something you were hoping to see here Tweet me @saravdwerf or email me at sarav@mpls.k12.mn.us.  Until next time…

1. Keynote Resources

2. Desmos Breakout Session

So, let me reiterate what I told you today.  DESMOS is a game changer.  It is an EQUITY closer.  It provides access for all levels of students.  If you teach math than you MUST, MUST – it is your duty – to learn about and use this tool.  It is amazing.  I am a Desmos Evangelist.  Amen.

3. Number Talk Breakout Session

Bonus: Many of you asked for my MCA resources…. (CLICK) here are some of the resources I posted previously.  Use as you like.

That’s all guys!  Again, Let me know if I am missing anything you hoped to see here.  I loved meeting and spending time with you.  I am passionate about creating vibrant communities of math teachers both in person and in virtually.  Stay in touch via Twitter.  Tweet me @Saravdwerf.  I also hope to see you in Duluth at the MCTM conference.


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