Wonder. Curiosity. Stand & Talks (MCTM 2017)

  • Note:  This is the future site for resources & more related to 1 of 2 presentations I am doing at the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Conference in Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday, April 29th from 10:35 a.m.–11:35 a.m Minnesota Time.
  • I will be live streaming this presentation via Periscope or Facebook live if you would like to attend virtually.
  • Look for information in the days prior on my twitter feed @saravdwerf.  You can follow the MCTM state conference online using hashtag #MCTMduluth.
  • Resources and a blog post will be up during the first week of May.  I’ll tweet out when the information is live.
  • Until then…This is the first slide in my presentation.  Do you know why?
  • baby lemon 1

One thought on “Wonder. Curiosity. Stand & Talks (MCTM 2017)

  1. My guess is the GIF is exemplififying our need to inspire curiosity in kids, to keep them excited to learn more. I’ve now watched it 3 times and am increasingly more curious about your presentation. I’m very excited to be able to be in Duluth to hear it.


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